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paris 4 sorbonne LEA marks (110)

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get round to posting your marks.  Here they are.  There are two figures after each name: the first is your mark for the second DM and the second is your average for the semester.  If there’s a question mark it means you only did the second DM with me, and your mark will be the average of that and whatever you got for the first.

BENBETKA   6   8,5

BRUNET   14   13,5

CAMEL   6   9,5

CARBONATI   11   12

CASTELLE   13   12

CHERPIN   13   10

CHOAUIB   10   12


COUCHOT   14   11

CUI   7   6,5

DAMOUR   5   5,5

DERCOURT   8   9,5

DRAY   14   13,5

DUBOIS   12   12,5

DUBOSQ   17   14

ELOUNDOU  10   ?

FOURRA   8   9

FROTA   18   14

JUAN   12   11

JURGA   14   13,5

KANSO   11   11,5

KSENTINI   11   11

MAGNE   8   ?

MALIKITE   11   ?

MARTINS   8   11,5

MBAYE  12   12,5

MISSOUM   16   14

MONGO   8   ?

MOUDJED   12   ?

ORVOEN   17  12,5

OUDIN   11   11

PERRUCHOT  7   7,5

PUCHAUX   13   12

RIETVELD   5   8

ROUISSI  10   11,5

SAUVAGE   13   11,5

SHAN   13   11

SHERSHNEVA  10   12,5

p4 sorbonne lx110 dm2

Here’s the text for this week’s DM.  Please bring me your translation, preferably printed and double-line-spaced, at the start of the class on Wednesday.  Don’t forget to put your name!

Livre numérique : peut-on encore sauver les librairies ?

LeFigaro.fr, 29 mars 2013

Les libraires indépendants pourront désormais compter sur un fonds de soutien créé par le ministère de la Culture. Mais dans un marché en mutation, le « maillon faible » de la chaîne du livre a-t-il toujours sa place ?

« Je veux protéger les librairies », n’a eu de cesse de répéter Aurélie Filippetti, lors de son passage au Salon du livre, le 25 mars 2013. Pour appuyer ses propos, la ministre de la Culture a annoncé la mise en place d’un fonds de soutien de 9 millions d’euros, destiné à soulager les problèmes de trésorerie d’un secteur ébranlé par l’arrivée du numérique et de concurrents aussi redoutables qu’Amazon. « Il faut maintenir l’équilibre entre les acteurs de la chaîne du livre, a déclaré Aurélie Filippetti. Si ce réseau se délite, c’est l’ensemble de l’économie de l’édition qui risque d’être mis à mal ».

Sauver les librairies d’un naufrage numérique ? Un combat perdu d’avance, selon l’Américain Bill McCoy, directeur exécutif de l’International Publishing Forum (IDPF), un consortium mondial dédié à la réflexion et au développement du livre numérique. Invité par le Salon du livre à analyser « les conséquences du e-book pour le marché de l’édition », ce spécialiste s’est montré catégorique : la librairie, maillon faible de la chaîne éditoriale, ne réistera pas.

paris8 iee theme corrige

Several students have asked me for an English version of the text you translated for your second DM.  As you know, I don’t like the idea of a ‘model’ translation, but here’s one way the text could be translated.  Many of you lost a lot of points because you didn’t rearrange sentences so that they make sense in English.  This was a particular problem in the paragraph beginning “The parties were split…” where a lot of students got very tangled up.  I hope this is some help.

Note: I’m strict about punctuation, including putting two spaces between sentences in English.  For some reason (I have no idea why, or how to correct it) whenever I copy/paste a text onto this blog it changes it so that there’s only one space - so please don’t tell me I’ve broken my own rule!

Media regulation: Cameron saves his credibility

Prime Minister gets gets three-party agreement to strict, but not legally-enforced framework

Florentin Collomp, London correspondent, Le Figaro, Tuesday 19 March 2013

UK Despite a short night with only three hours’ sleep, on Monday David Cameron had the triumphant smile of a politician who has pulled it off. At the eleventh hour he managed to turn the situation in his favour during tense negotiations on regulating the British press. In danger of finding himself in the minority in a parliamentary vote which would have united the opposition and his centrist government allies against him, the Prime Minister managed to snatch a last-minute agreement on his proposals from the three main parties.

The parties were split over the status of the new press supervisory authority, set up on the recommendations of the Leveson report into the tabloid phone-hacking scandal. Political debate was complicated by conflicting pressures: on the one hand from press groups pleading for minimal regulation, and on the other from the phone-hacking victims’ group Hacked Off, led by actor Hugh Grant, who demanded a tough legal framework. The Sun menacingly put a photo of Churchill on the front page with the banner headline D Day. A little later in the day the paper, owned by the Murdoch group, would be convicted of stealing an MP’s phone from her car.

A great day”

Accused of giving in to the media lobby, David Cameron wanted “light” regulation, not enforced by law. “Passing a law would mean crossing the Rubicon of restricting press freedom,” he argued. Conversely the Labour party – joined by centrist Lib-Dems even though they are the Conservatives’ allies – want the organisation to be governed by a restrictive law.

Faced with the difficulty of reconciling these positions, last week Cameron abruptly broke off three-party discussions. He took the risky gamble of calling on the parties to state their position in a vote, planned for Monday. But faced with the threat of being disowned in Parliament he recalled last-minute negotiations at Downing Street on Sunday evening – and they went on into the middle of the night. On Monday all three parties were congratulating themselves on winning. “This is a great day,” declared Labour opposition leader Ed Milliband. “Today we are putting an end to decades of a wait-and-see policy on press abuses.”


Here are your marks for the second DM and for the semester.  The first number after your name is your mark for the second DM, and the number in bold is your mark for the semester.  If there’s only one number after your name it means you only did the first DM, and the mark you got for that will be counted as your average.  I tried only to allow that in exceptional circumstances, so I hope no one feels they’ve been unfairly treated.



















FOUCHE 15  15


HANOT 11 10




JOVIC 13 12




KU 13 12

LAGET 13 13

LEROI 13 13

LIANG 14 13


LU 13  14

MAIZIA 10  12








PECOT 8 12

PELZER 13 14


PRUM 5 6

PUZZO 13 13

RAIS 12 12








SEYDI 9 10











XU 7 11


moyenne semestre : 11,4


In case you weren’t at the last class before the holidays, we decided to do the second DM next week, not this week.  So I’ll be posting the text for you to translate by the evening of Sunday 19 May, and you have to bring me your translations to the class on Wednesday 22.

Henry without his splint - at last!

henry’s diary

Most of you have met Henry now.  I have just discovered that he has been writing a diary on my computer when I wasn’t looking.  I don’t know if I should encourage him or not…

Choos Day

Dad says it is Son day but I am a DOG and I know it is CHOOS day. Choos is serious bizness, you cant be har farted about it. So I have a lot of stuff to choo and I have to make sure it noes its been chood. Its verim portant you make sure. A good way is to choo it in sevrull plaices, that way it noes who is the DOG and who is the choo. But omg I am so bizzy. I have a plastic spoon, Dad says it is for slad but I know the trooth, it is to be CHOOD. It will take me a long time befaw the spoon noes it has been chood but I will not give up, I am a DOG. Plastic is hard werk. You have to take a brake now and then. But wee will see who gives up first, me or the spoon. And then it will noe. I’m giving it time, nothing rearly worthwile was dun in a day. A little here, a little there – and I tek it akross the roum so it noes it has been CHOOD in a fue difrent plaices, that way it is shure who is the boss. I think it is a quite resisting spoon but I can be pacient. Meanwile you musnt think I have nothingels to choo, I am very bizzy. I have sevrul choo sticks and its not gud to neglekt a choo stick so I have to remembur to choo them in sevrul plaices two. I have a stik too, that unkl Ben gave me, that stiks a bitch pardon my engleish. Its having a verahard time noing who is the DOG. But I will not give up. O and buy the whey Dad gave me a bown yestiday, I mean a reel bown, not a plastik faik one which I like but well you noe plastik is plastik isunt it and a bown is a bown I think ive maid my point. This bown was aparuntly from a pig whatevur that is and it taisted spurgly nice yummy I chood it so fast Dad tryed to take it awaie and I growled he was shokt. I think maybe I even tried to byte him I maybe shudna dun that. So anyway theres bin a few of these pig bowns now and I must say I am as happy as a DOG cuz frankly I donno whats been keepin him so long wating to give me one. I eat them fast in case he chanjiz his maind. But I think after my growly moment he noes now hed beter not mess with me wen I hav a bown. Its a DOG thing u wudnt understand. Hold on that spoons luking at me its not been chood for five minits I have to remind it whos the DOG.

Theres not just choos in life of course u wouldnt think I’m so silly I wud suggest that. However impor tunt they are. Theres walks too. Maybe I’m picky but I dont noe why Dad takes me for walks so much. Is that street so intresting to him that he wants to see it for or faiv times a day? Well anyway I play along and goe with him and do the triks he likes – I dont noe why but it makes him verihappy when I do wees and poos. I donthink thats so clevur but he goes good boy theres a good boy so whatever, I try to keep him happy after all he is the onely one who gives me bowns at least so far. So out of the daw I do a wee and he goes good boy and I look up at him like you never done anything clever like that Dad? and then we go a bit furthur and I do a poo just for apeirances cuz I noe he likes it. But heres the funny thing – he like it but he throes it away, now what is THAT about? If he thinks its soe grate why dusnt he leave it where it is like I wud? I think its quite dekorativ, my poo on the street, and I noe the other dogs round here think the same becuz they doe the same but no, Dad has to wipe up the poo and put it in a poo bell. I suppoze you cant choos ur family.

O I am suddenly full of food and choos. I am going snoozes now.

Whens day

When O when is Dad goeing to giv me anuther bown? They was soe gud and I eat them soe fast I think I toled u that. But the day after Choos day he took me to see the VET. She was quite nice and gave me a biskit which I liked and she and Dad went ooh arent u clever chewing a biskit I mean come on any DOG can do that. But I reckun its maybe a gud idear to keep Dad smiley in case theres another bown in it for me. But I think that VET put idears into his head. They were talking while I was chooing the biskit and I think it was about bowns. But I didnt catch itall because u noe how it is when ur crunching a biskit it makes spanky lowd noizes in ur head and u dont alwayes noe what els is happening but this time I think I maybe shuda payed attension becuz the supplie of bowns seems to have dryed up. Whats the problem I wud like to noe? U giv me a bown I eat it everyones happy. But this VET was saying and I repeat she is quite nice but she does funny stuff to me like rapping my leg in this hard thing I cant choo called an atel or sumthing, she was goeing on about me not having bowns I can eat or sumthing. Whatsthatallabout? Whats the fun in sumthing u cant eat Id like to noe. Anyway Dad and the VET seem to think I can choo bowns but not eat them now dont get me wrong chooing is good but its just letting the choo noe whos the DOG before you eat it isnt it? O and wile Im on that subjekt I wanted to tell u Dad is a pretty funny DOG if you ask me. I mean all DOGS noe what I just said about chooing and eating, Im sure you noe it too. But Dad has things he dusnt choo. I think he mustav been a depraived puppy and dusnt noe the rools about choos and eats. Anyway he has these things he calls soks which he puts on his feet and I mean wud u do that, wud u put sumthing on ur feet when u cud choo it? So Ive tried to shoe him what they are rearly for by chooing them when he takes them off. And do u noe what he does he laffs. Im trying to teech him a serious thing here that evrything is ment to be chood but he just laffs. I can see I hav a lot more training to do with him yet befaw I have him properly tawt but I am a DOG and I will be pacient and not giv up. And u hav to feal sorry for Dad as he obvieusly hasnt had the chanse to be tawt by a real DOG befaw. O I ment to mension that VET has a DOG too if u can call it that. It is a very little DOG not a big DOG like me. It is almost noe bigger than my slurpy bole. But it is farely frendly and we sniffed each others bottoms like u do when you are polite and u meat sumone for the ferst time and by the waie I dont understand why Dad didnt sniff the VET’S bottom but maiebe they did that befaw and hav alredy bin introdused. I suppoze this littl DOG is sumone I cud plaie with if I was feeling nice but I wud prefere a bown.

Now here is sumthing strainge. When it is lite Dad gets out of his bed whatsthatfor I wunder. I wud be happy to staie my bed a lot more longer. It is wawm. Who wud get out of sumwhere wawm if they wer in there rait maind? I am sorry to saie this but I think Dad mite be a bit soft in the hed. I will hav to taik his traning gently I can see. So he dus this koffi thing, he maiks this funny smelly stuff he drinks while I snooze next to him under his arm I dont mind that too much as its still wawm but not as wawm as in my bed which he has dragd me out of. And then its the walks bizness all over agen and u noe it was dam cold this mawning but I did my triks for him like he likes and he took me back inside quite quik for brekkies so I suppose its not soe bad. He will have to lern tho that there are things I laik for brekkies and things I dont so I just eat the ones I laik so he will stop giving me the ones I dont I will win in the end. As the VET said and I heard this becauz I wasnt chooing a biskit I have character well of cawse I have character all DOGS do.

I think Dad is goeing to do the schoodent thing in a bit. He keeps taiking me to plaices where there are these peeple called schoodents some of them are quite nice and tickl my hed and one of them yesterday gave me a toy which is rearly nice I plaied with it soe much and Dad laffed and I nearly forgot about the bowns. Sigh. O well, u doe what u can.

Bown Day

Omigod I have a BOWN and it is the best bown u ever sore it is as big as me but I have alredy chood it into submission but let me tell u how it happend. I was invited to dinna by sum naibors they arnt DOGS I donthink so it was impor tunt to shoe them how to behaiv. I tuk Dad with me becuz I didnt want to think of him all alown while I was having fun and he was kwite gud I must saie he didnt embaras me. Soe all these peepl were talking and laffing while I did the impor tunt stuff which as u noe is sniffing around the corners to see if ther ar any choos or eats. There wasnt and I was goeing to taik my lead and leeve but then there was sumthing about do u want the bown for ur DOG and Dad did the write anser he sed yes and after we had dun walks agen there was this bag on the daw with the most humungus bown in it which Dad didnt mess about he gave it to me rite awey so hes not that bad rearly. And that BOWN is just the best I ever sore or sniffed or chood it is so big and it was so meaty but Ive dun that bit now but there is still lots to choo and I am having soe much fun with it when it keeps reuppeering cuz I dontno why but it appeers and reuppeers but then I suppoze sum things doe that. Enywhey Dad says its a jeegodanyo and whatever that is I want another one when Ive finisht this one becuz there is nuthing I have eva laiked so much as this jeegodanyo it is so big and hard and my teeths go grindy grindy on it while it goes bangy on the flaw but I dont maind that its part of the fun and I was chooing it just now and Dad lookt at me and laffed I was purplext. It is veriserius this one. How cud he laff about that? So I gave him a durty luk and I dont think he understud becauz he laffed some more so I just ignawd him and went back to my serius bizness which Im sorry to say I dont think he is ever going to understand which is chooing and u noe if he hasnt got that at his age I dowt he evah will I am a bit dis uppointed to be onest abowt his progress I thawt he wud lern quiker than this. I havnt got him to rearlize that those soks are for chooing yet, I dont think he understands maybe I shud call in a DOG with maw experiunce of diffkult kaises like this. But I am awlrite I have my big BOWN and it will be finisht soon it will noe wons and for awl who is the DOG so I am happi but I must saie I am stahting to worri abowt Dad becuz to be onest I wud laik him to be happi laik I am and I noe he wont be if he dusnt lern to choo.

I am feeling snoozy again now. But I think Dad is going to need a walk before bedtime. He might not be much of a DOG but I will plaie along becuz u never noe there mait be more bowns in it he seems to noe where to get them and noe one has toled me yet. Hm. Maybe Dad isnt all bad after awl. Yawn.

paris 4 sorbonne propositions de corrige

As promised in today’s class, here are possible translations of the texts you did for your DM.  Remember these are only suggestions, and there is an almost infinite number of other ways you could translate the texts which would be equally good - or better!

European traders’ bonuses cut down to size

Le Monde, Monday 4 March 2013

Don’t give up on Europe just yet.  Shaken by the crisis, suffocated by its members’ piles of debt, strangled by recession, challenged by public opinion – even rejected by protest votes here and there – forced to reduce its budget to the lowest common denominator of national selfishness, it is still moving forwards.

After months of difficult talks, the agreement reached in Brussels on 28 February about capping bank bonuses is encouraging news.  Negotiated by the European Parliament and the Irish Presidency of the Union, the text provides that bonuses handed out to the ill-famed traders in their counting-houses shall be no higher than the amount of their basic annual salary.  In order to keep London and its financial market sweet, the ceiling can nonetheless be raised (under certain conditions) up to double the salary.  The agreement now only needs a majority vote by EU Finance Ministers at their meeting on 5 March to be approved.

Let’s not be naïve.  Banks are going to be just as fertile in their creativity in this area as they are in others.  They are sure to think up legal loopholes which will let them get round the new rule.  But in this case, despite all the ridicule it gets for its abstruse regulations, Europe is doing something positive.

CRISIS Fears of a national financial collapse increase


Mathieu Bruckmüller, 20 Minutes, Thursday 21 March 2013

There’s a new storm in the European sky.  Worries are growing about the future of Cyprus – on the brink of bankruptcy – while on Tuesday MPs refused to agree to a levy on savings (6.75% on deposits below €100,000 and 9.9% above that) which could have brought in €5.8bn.

In exchange the European Union and the International Monetary Fund would have advanced €10bn.  Paris joined the assault on Wednesday, accusing Nicosia of having set off a wave of panic across Europe by deciding (against the French government’s advice) to tax the island’s small savers.  It’s hard to explain how Europe can guarantee deposits up to €100,000 when banks go bust, but that they can still be taxed.  The levy planned in Cyprus signals a break with the practice which consists in not making savers bear state bailout costs directly.  To avoid Cypriots withdrawing all their assets in a panic, banks are supposed to stay shut until Monday – as they wait for MPs to vote on a plan B.

Russia to the rescue?

The idea put forward by the Europeans would be to tax deposits above €100,000, but that would deal a blow to Russian assets, mainly from money-laundering.  These deposits are thought to exceed €20bn, a third of total deposits in Cyprus.  To avoid this, Russian giant Gazprom is said to have offered Cyprus financial aid in exchange for natural gas production licences off the island’s south coast.

So as a tax haven Cyprus is up against it.  “For now the country has been taking advantage of eurozone protection whilst still having an important role in recycling Russian capital flow.  The question now is whether or not those two options are still compatible,” is how Philippe Waechter of Natixis Asset Management analyses the situation.

paris 8 iee techniques de redaction

So far I think the following students have given me two pieces of work:










- and the following students have given me one:











Please let me know if I’ve made any mistakes!